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My name is Barbara and I live in lovely Prince Edward Island on Canada’s East Coast and, as much as I love our little Island,  I love to travel, too! This blog is a collection of photographs and stories about my travels some of which may be close to my home Island shore while others will take me to far distant shores. I have always subscribed to, and lived by, the philosophy that, if you never travel, you can never really appreciate home.

Travel is one of the best ways to learn, grow, and broaden ones horizons. It provides the opportunity to see and experience new things whether they be landscapes, culture, food, or adventure.

Writing this travel blog is a way for me to combine three of my passions – travel (obviously!), photography, and writing.

This blog is very simply laid out. There are two main pages: 1) Close to the Home Shore; and 2) Away from the Home Shore. On the “Close to the Home Shore” page, you will find photographs and short stories/descriptions of some of my most favorite places and things to do on Prince Edward Island. On the “Away from the Home Shore” page, look for photographs and brief stories/descriptions of places to which I have traveled.

So, come join the Island Shore Traveler, and imagine the places we will visit.

– Barbara


One thought on “About the Island Shore Traveler”

  1. Hello Barbara,

    My name is Brian Appaswamy. I live and work in Abbotsford, BC. In my spare time, I am dabbling in some painting. If you feel so inclined, please check out my website http://www.lifeinpaint.net

    I was wondering how much money you might charge me to give me permission to paint one of your photos please? I am interested in painting the Beachcombers restaurant with the three boats on the water in PEI.

    Your kind approval for an affordable fee will be much appreciated. If on the other hand, you don’t wish to sell me your permission to paint your photograph, no worries, I’ll move on to other paintings.

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Travel Diary of a Prince Edward Island blogger who travels close to home shores and away to distant shores