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2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Good morning. I am a free lance writer doing a story on a suggested trip for a Louisiana audience (the magazine is a free distribution tabloid in south central Louisiana, near the heart of Cajun Country) offering a suggested itinerary that mostly includes the Acadian Shores (for La. French folks to discover their roots). I am interested in a photo of yours that shows the Lobster Barn in Victoria P.E.I. in the background as the article may suggest a stopover on P.E.I. on a loop route back to Maine. I have pasted the link below for you to refresh your memory of the photo. It is the third one scrolling down, I think, with the boat in the foreground and the lobster shack in the back.

    At this point I have not budget for photo payments, but if I were to use the photo (with a good photo file emailed to me by you….300 DPI, 6 inches across if possible) then your site would be given caption credit.
    Or the fourth one down with the sailboat docked next to the restaurant would be an alternative.
    Thanks for reading my inquiry.

    Ted Talley
    2503 NW Turner Drive
    Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
    (479) 273-9144

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