Oslo, Norway – A Scenic Port to Visit

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I have sailed in and out of many scenic ports but one of my favorites is the approach and departure through the Oslo Fjord into and out of Oslo, Norway.

Sailing out of the port of Oslo, Norway

Beautiful seaside homes dot the landscape making this a picturesque port to visit.

Oslo Home
Seaside Home

This was my first visit to Oslo and, although it rained heavy during my entire visit, the weather cleared as we were leaving port giving way to some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen.

Oslo Landscape
Colorful homes

The iconic Dyna Lighthouse, located on a reef, is reachable only by boat.

Oslo Lighthouse
Dyna Lighthouse

At first, because of the shape of it, we thought this was a private cottage before discovering it is, in fact, an active lighthouse having been established in 1875.

Oslo Lighthouse
Dyna Lighthouse

We saw lots of pleasure craft like this one heading in to port.

Sailing in Oslo
Pleasure Craft Heading in to Port

If you are lucky enough to own one of these gorgeous homes along the shoreline in the Norwegian capital, you can simply back your boat up to the front lawn and park it!

Parking the Boat in Oslo
Oslo Homes
The colors of Oslo

The scenery changed from the higher density of the city to more rural landscapes like the one below.

In the Mist

We enjoyed our time in Norway and hope to visit again with better weather.

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